Leviton HLC Custom Engraved Button Cap




Please enter text exactly as you want it to read on the button, Price is per button not per keypad


1. The stock Leviton buttons are all UPPER case, so if you are going to mix engraved buttons with stock  buttons, please keep all text UPPER case.

2. Color/Texture difference, There may be a slight color (tint) and/or texture difference in the engraved buttons, this is due to different paint lots when the blank buttons I use are manufactured -vs- when the buttons for the keypad you have were manufactured.

Laserengraverpro.com is not responsible for any mismatch.

The only way to be sure there is an exact match is to order all six buttons.

Leviton only supplies the HLC keypad in White or Light Almond, if you would like a black keypad order all six buttons along with a black Color Change Ring.  (Rings only needed when changing button colors)

Additional information

Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × .5 × .25 in



Leviton in Blue Wording in White Background