URC Vivido (Eaton-Cooper) 5 button keypad


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5 Custom Engraved Buttons as shown in the sample picture for the URC VL-RFWC5D-WH 5 Button Keypad, now available in Black and Light Almond

In most cases I can fit nine (9) characters on each button, however in some cases you may be limited to eight (8) characters per button.

*** NOTE *** Button positions are NOT interchangeable. When specifying text be sure to keep in the correct order.

Tips for changing buttons:

Do not try to unscrew the entire plastic faceplate from the back, this will not work.

The buttons snap in from the front, and be careful not to loose the small spring behind the button.

If you use a screwdriver, you are sure to mar up the edge of the plastic, both on the button and the faceplate.

I found that using something very thin, flat and wide, such as a Bankers Clip will remove the buttons safely

Additional information

Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in



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