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PCS KPCx-7 Custom Engraved Button

PCS KPCx-7 Custom Engraved Button

Custom Engraved Button for the PCS (Powerline Control Systems) KPCW-7 in wall or KPCD-7 tabletop keypad

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UPStart Users, please read first

Do you have a large order of buttons for a job?  Save time when ordering custom engraved buttons.

Upload your UPStart KPC WORKSHEET file (see instructions below).

 In upstart, add the keypads to your project, double click on the keypad, and then click on the engraving tab, enter the text for each button (be sure the text is correct, and there is no need to click "order this button" at this point)
To create the text file go to the "Network" tab, click on "KPC worksheet", then in the small window which opens click "Create CEB Engraving Worksheet".
This is the text file I need, save it and upload it tom me HERE.

Please pay for the number of buttons needed to complete the order.